Dear Friends, Allies, Supporters and Donors of Asian Community AIDS Services:

It is only 4 days away from the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k run on October 16, 2016, Thanks to all our donors, supporters, and our 23 runners and walkers for the amazing fundraising efforts, ACAS has raised $ 16,375.00 as of Thursday, October 13, 2016! That means we have reached 80% of our $20,000 goal! Thanks to all our donors, supporters, and our 23 runners and walkers for the amazing fundraising efforts, and please continue to support us in the coming days so we can add the $ 3,625 we need!
In this update, you will see a very special video from the Teen Titans, our Queer Asian Youth (QAY) Team. Please watch below and find out why QAY is such a special program that deserve your support!
With 7 amazing teams competing against each other for the top fundraising team title, below is an update of how much each team has raised so far. Team CelebrAsian is leading with a whopping $8,210, while Team ACASwonderWomen has overtaken the second place with $2310. Team Remembrance of Heroes are at the third place with $1640.
Please click on the following team links to donate to the team(s) of your choice, or if you would like to sponsor the team captains, you can click on their names to their personal fundraising pages:

  1. Team CelebrAsian (Captain:Alan Li) – Amount Raised: $8,210
  2. Team ACASwonderWomen – Women’s Program (Captain:Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp) – Amount Raised $2310
  3. Team Remembrance of Heroes – Support Program (Captain:Andrew Miao) – Amount Raised $1640
  4. Team Love ACAS! – General ACAS Team (Captain:Christian Hui) – Amount Raised: $1405
  5. Team ACAS SuperMen – Men’s Program S.L.A.M.! (Captain:Ryan Tran) – Amount Raised: $1150
  6. Team Shimmerellas – Transwomen’s Program (Captain: Mina Heng) – Amount Raised $275
  7. Team Titans – Queer Asian Youth Program (Captain Gabriel Bacani) – Amount Raised $165

Please join us as a runner/walker to help us raise funds to benefit the East and Southeast Asians of the LGBTQ community and people living with HIV! To find out how you can register as a runner/walker, please visit: http://acas.orgacas-scotiarun-charity-challenge-2016/
More importantly, please make a donation to the runners/walkers or our wonderful teams! We need your support! To make a one-time donation to ACAS for our ScotiaRun Charity Challenge (not specific team or individual runner/walker), you can do so here:
Please note that any donations over $20 will receive be issued electronic tax-receipts.
From all of the staff and board members of ACAS, we want to thank you in advance for your generosity and love!
If you have any questions about the ACAS ScotiaRun 2016 Charity Challenge, please contact: Christian Hui at

Watch this special video the TEEN TITANS made for you!


Gabriel and Vhil of QAY share with us what QAY is, why it is such a special place, and how you can support Team Teen Titans at this year’s ACAS ScotiaRun Charity Challenge 2016!

You can make an online, secure donation through the link below:
All donations over $20 will receive electonic tax receipts.
Thanks for your generous support in advance!
What is Queer Asian Youth (QAY)?
QAY provides social spaces for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, curious, undecided, or questioning East and Southeast Asian youth and their friends. QAY is the Youth Program of Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) in Toronto, Canada.
QAY was established in 2000 so we’ve been running for more than 15 years! Events usually attract from 30 to 80 people, and there are always many new people who come for the first time!
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