-for East and Southeast Asian cis and trans women and non-binary folks

ACAS Women’s Education and Outreach program organizes an annual community forum called Pillow Talk for East and Southeast Asian women.  At the forum, Asian women will have an opportunity to discuss topics of sexuality and sexual and reproductive health as well as other topics like mental health, queer identity, and anti-oppression in a safe and friendly way. The forum was designed to serve a broad range of ages, sexualities, and gender identities.

Contact: info@acas.org

What we do

The women’s program hosts about 4 to 10 socials a year ranging from arts and craft based events like soap making and macramé workshops, to movie nights, to food based events. Join our facebook group to learn more!

ACAS women’s program offers a workshop series for parents and caregivers on Raising Sexually Healthy Children and have been able to train and serve 3 ethno-cultural communities – Korean, Japanese, and Thai. We are hoping to increase our language capacity with this workshop series. Parents and caregivers can learn about topics like sexuality, when to talk to your child about sex, how to answer difficult questions, and understanding the development of children. This workshop series helps parents develop confidence in discussing these important topics with their children in hopes to protect children from sexual violence.

The women’s program has created many resources that are available to you. Over the years we have taken part in many campaigns and projects. Some of our latest projects include a dating guide for new-comers!

In 2017, the ACAS women’s program spearheaded the Internal Condom Campaign. 4 cis women were invited to use the internal condom (also known as FC2, female condom, and femdom) and write diary entries. Read more about the internal condom and their experiences at https://acasinternalcondom.tumblr.com/

Pillow Talk is our annual event for Southeast and East Asian cis and trans women and non-binary people. It started in 2014 and there have been a variety of topics from panel discussions on mental health, to Thai massage, to violence against women. It is an annual gathering of Southeast and East Asian women in Toronto and the GTA to network and exchange ideas, knowledge and resources.