ACAS as an agency offers many services to our clients, other organizations and our community. We are the leading voice, and the most organized and experienced base regarding East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ issues, sexual health and HIV/AIDS knowledge and support. We strive to serve our clients and our community at large by providing many professional, expert services and opportunities encouraging more support, awareness and visibility!

If you’d like to work with us in any way please contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss.


ACAS can provide an onsite presence at your next event.

We have frequented many events and spaces to share safer sex information, distribute condoms and lube and provide fun and engaging information. We tailor each visit to what is appropriate for the event and our staff and volunteers are friendly and approachable and knowledgeable.

Community Building and Raising Awareness

Throughout the year ACAS holds events that bring the community together as well as support initiatives and partnerships that help raise awareness of our causes.

Some of these activities include showcasing the talent of our youth, as well as cultural events, support for the arts, pageants, fundraising dinners, AIDS activism, social groups and marches. ACAS has been a longstanding presence in the community, and continues to do so through evolving and new partnerships! Check out our Calendar page to see what events are happening in the near future!

Speaking Engagements

We can provide experienced speakers to talk on LGBTQ+, HIV and STI, sexual health and anti-oppression issues.

We also provide training for staff, students or the workplace. ACAS has sent representatives to many universities and organizations. To request more information or a speaker please email We love doing HIV 101 workshops to help professionals and students better understand any risks or concerns!

Community Research

ACAS has teamed up with many research projects to help offer resources, expertise, recruitment and participants. We have a long standing relationship with research and hope to continue this partnership into the future. To learn more about the community research we have been involved with, check out our community research page.

Student and Volunteer Opportunities

ACAS has been a great learning ground for many volunteers and students entering related fields. Volunteers are always welcome and there are many duties available to help fine tune skills, make connections and just spend time doing good for the community. We offer some invaluable training to get those started and to understand the unique needs working within an inclusive and confidential space. Student positions are also sometimes available and it’s best to talk to our intake regarding these opportunities when they are available. More information on students looking for placement can be found here.