For POC (People of Colour) living with HIV/AIDS

The Asian PHA Resiliency Dialogues was born out of research of what made PHAs resilient. (PHA stands for a “Person Living With HIV/AIDS“)

The goal of the Asian PHA Resiliency Dialogues is to meaningfully engage Asian PHAs through capacity building activities, to strengthen both their individual and collective resilience, and develop collective resources to address issues and concerns faced by Asian PHAs.

“I feel blessed to learn about other peers’ inspiring experiences.”

In the Program, participants join us over a series of facilitated workshops to discover their inner strength, build supportive connections and develop strategies to deal with various life challenges.

This space also allows them to share their experiences to support each other and connect.

“Thank you so much for getting me to dream.”

“I learnt to not internalize negative experiences and focus on growth and learning.”

To find out when the next series of workshops is or to participate please contact Desmond Chuang at or 416-963-4300 pre-registration is required as space is limited.

“We are stronger than we think!”