Job Description and Expectations
To provide leadership, sound governance to the organization, and represent it to the community, other stakeholders, and the public, and to accept the fiduciary responsibility (e.g. ultimate legal authority) of the organization in its affairs.
Mission Statement:
Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) is a charitable, non-profit, community-based
organization that provides HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and support services to the East and South East Asian Canadian communities in Ontario. These programs are based on proactive, holistic, collaborative, empowering, and non-discriminatory approach to education.
ACAC Board Members 2013
General Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

  • To support the missions, goals, objectives and philosophies of ACAS.
  • To respect and uphold ethics of confidentiality.
  • To commit to training on any important issues to the agency.
  • To attend all board meetings whenever possible.
  • To participate in ACAS committees as required.
  • To represent ACAS of its mission and vision, from time to time at events and functions.
  • To avoid and clarify any potential conflicts of interest, and to oversee such matters in a lawful and ethical manner.
  • To oversee ACAS’s fundraising initiatives.

Specific Functions of the Board of Directors:
vPlanning and Goals
ü  Annual assessments and reviews of external trends and environment in regards to current initiatives pertaining to ACAS core program,
ü  Strategic plan creation, implementation, and evaluation of current programs including potential new ones,
ü  Policy development
ü  Review results of ACAS work in meeting its goals.
ü  Assess, review, monitor, appraise, support, and when necessary, change the top management.
ü  Conduct a Performance Review of top management.
ü  Match strategic goals with internal or required capacity building.
ü  Endeavour to maintain a full roster for Board of Directors.
ü  Annually assess Board capacity, skills, experience, and areas for development according to an Annual Board Development plan.
ü  Endeavour for a secure financial structure in the short term and long term.
ü  Approve major actions of the organization, such as capital expenditures, major program changes, or service changes.
ü  Ensure compliance with all relevant Laws and Regulations concerning the Agency.
vFinancial Audit
ü  Annually approve, in good knowledge, the Agency’s audit for submission at the Annual General Meeting.
ü  Ensure published reports reflect the honest operating and financial condition of the organization.
From the ACAS By-Laws (2010)
According to s.4.3, Former ACAS staff may submit candidacy for the Board one year
after their last day of employment. Similarly former Board Members may submit their
candidacy for ACAS employment one year after their last day on the Board.
According to s.4.4, Candidates and Directors shall:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  • Be a Member* in good standing;
  • Be nominated and elected or appointed as specifically provided by these bylaws;
  • Be required to perform work and services for ACAS in accordance with the
  • ACAS principles, by-laws, the Corporations Act; and
  • Not be in undischarged bankrupt nor be declared as a person of unsound mind
  • who has been found so by a court in Canada or elsewhere.
  • Have been, for at least two (2) months prior to the date of the election, a
  • Member.

According to s.7.1, all candidates and Board Members shall be voting members of
ACAS, that being a self-identified East or South East Asian person by culture or
Further, candidates should have and/or be willing to learn:

  • Governance skills: accountability, liability, policy, vision, organization structure and process.
  • Personnel management: organizational human resource planning, labour legislation, performance appraisals, board staff roles and relations, conflict resolution.
  • Financial management: fiscal planning, budgeting, reporting and auditing.
  • Program: outreach, community development, AIDS education and support, evaluation.
  • Public relations: government and community relations, advocacy and networking skills, marketing, and communications skills.
  • Fundraising: funding application, donors’ relation, and fundraising events.
  • HIV/AIDS education, therapy, or treatment skills.

Length of Term:
According to ACAS By-Laws s.4.3.C (2010), Directors may serve a two year term. Directors may only serve a maximum of three terms, or six years.
Meetings and Time Commitment:

  • The Board meets once every 6 weeks for 2-3 hours, more often if required.
  • Board meeting preparation and meeting work requires 1-2 hours for every meeting.
  • ACAS Committee meeting and time commitments vary depending on the committee and the activities of the committee. All Board Members must sit on at least one ACAS Committee.
  • Time commitments are increased for Executive Committee members.
  • From time to time Board Members will represent ACAS at formal functions and events including galas, fundraisers, community events, meetings, and annual general meetings of other organizations. The time commitment will vary.
  • Generally, Board Members should expect a 10 hour work commitment per month, on average.

Elections Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed by a nominations committee to determine interest.
  • Successful applicants will be interviewed by a nominations committee.
  • Applicants submit themselves to election at the Annual General Meeting on September 17, 2014
  • The voting members of ACAS will select which candidates are successful.

Submit a cover letter and a short resume to: Giovanni Temansja,
Deadline for application submission: August 29, 2014
Questions and Contact:
Giovanni Temansja,
Vice-Chair, Administration
Chair of the Board Recruitment Committee,
Andre Goh