Farewell Amutha and Heywon, and welcome Jenny, Cassandra and Chuck!
Amutha and Heywon

ACAS would like to bid farewell to Amutha Samgam, Women’s Support Worker, and Heywon Kim, Women’s Outreach and Education Coordinator and thank them for their commitment to the community and contributions to the ACAS women’s community. Amutha has been tireless PHA-advocate and has provided exceptional care to our HIV+ service users through the years. We wish her the best in her new adventures in Calgary, Alberta! Meanwhile, we would like to congratulate Heywon to getting accepted for teacher’s college at Western University. Under Heywon’s outreach and education leadership, she has worked with a team of dedicated women’s program volunteers and participants to create Pillow Talk, a community sexual health forum for East and Southeast Asian women. We at ACAS already know how great an educator Heywon is, and we wish her the best in her education and future endeavors!
With Amutha and Heywon departing, we would like to also extend a big, warm welcome to Jenny S. Cheng, our new Women’s Supporter Worker, and Cassandra Dang Nguyen, our new Women’s Outreach and Education Coordinator. Please say hi to them when you are at the ACAS office or community event!
Jenny S. Cheng
Women Support Worker
Name: Jenny S. Cheng (the middle initial “S” is a nod to my Chinese name, Sheng-Hsin)
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Language(s): Mandarin, English, working Taiwanese and Cantonese
How long you have worked at ACAS:  Since 2014
In one sentence, briefly describe what you like about your role/job at ACAS:
I love working with people to help them figure out and achieve their goals; witnessing the talents/skills people bring to the table is always inspiring.
Three likes (It can be anything that you like)
Cooking, eating, and watching other people do the dishes
Comment to site visitors (brief sentence of anything you would like to say to the site visitor or service users):
If you’re looking for a down to earth organization filled with kind and creative people, this is it. Come join us
(416) 963-4300 ext. 223 ∙ womensupport@acas.org
Cassandra Dang Nguyen
Women’s Education & Outreach Program Coordinator
Country of Origin: Born in Canada and of Vietnamese ethnicity
Language(s): English, Vietnamese, French(ish)
How long you have worked at ACAS:  I started at the end of August 2014 and I am so excited about this new journey!
In one sentence, briefly describe what you like about your role/job at ACAS:
It is a dream come true to be able to work for the betterment of my community and it is an added bonus to work with such passionate, creative, and funny people!
Three Likes (it can be anything that you like): Travelling, Food, Books
Comment to site visitor (brief sentence of anything you would like to say to the site visitor or service user): 
If you’re passionate about social justice, want to make a change in the world, and love learning then please send me an email because I would love to hear from you!
(416) 963-4300 ext. 225 ∙ women@acas.org
Lastly, we would also like to welcome Chuck Yachun Li, our QAY Resource Development Lead, who will be helping our Queer Asian Youth program with creating a new resource on coming out for LGBTQ youths and heir parents. We will be creating Chuck’s staff profile on the acas.org page very soon, so watch our page for Chuck’s profile!
Mark you calendars for the ACAS Annaul General Meeting on Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) would like to invite you to our 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Date: Wednesday, September 17
Registration: 5:00 PM
Meeting: 6:00 PM
Location: Fife House (490 Sherbourne Street)
Please RSVP by Monday, September 15.
by email at officeadmin@acas.org
or by phone at 416-963-4300
If you are eligible for membership, we encourage you to become a voting member of ACAS for the AGM. Fill out the membership form at the AGM registration desk. Membership fee is $10 and it is good for 2 years.
Your attendance and participation at our 2014 AGM is valued and we thank you in advance for your continuous support of ACAS.
ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services) provides HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and support services to the East and Southeast Asian Canadian communities. Our programs are based on a pro-active and holistic approach to HIV/AIDS and are provided in a collaborative, empowering, and non-discriminatory manner.
Visit: www.acas.org
Follow us! www.twitter.com/ACAStoronto
Like us! www.facebook.com/AsianCommunityAIDSServices
Thank you Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline for your generous support to ACAS!
ACAS Rotary Club Toronto Skyline Cheque Presentation- 2014-07-29 18.51.26
We would like to extend our gratitude to the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline for choosing ACAS as the recipient of the funds raised by the Skyline team at this year’s Rotary Trump AIDS Poker Walk! Earlier this year, Christian Hui, Community Engagement Coordinator, made a presentation for the club about ACAS and the work we do in the community. ACAS subsequently took part at this year’s Rotary Trump AIDS Poker Walk outreaching to various Rotary participants at the walk from across the province. In the photo (left to right) above we see Trevor Dell (Club President of Rotary Club Toronto Skyline); Amutha Samgam, our past ACAS Women’s Support Worker; Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp, ACAS Executive Director; and Julie Caron (Foundation Chair, Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline).  Thanks once again for the generous support!
Join us at the ACAS ScotiaRun 2014! 
Run for ACAS at ScotiaRun 2014
Are you ready to run for a great cause? The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k Run/Walk will take place on Sunday, October 19, 2014. We invite you to take part of the challenge to become one of our runners, walkers and/or supporters.
Last year, ACAS had 26 runners/walkers in four teams to rasie a total of $20,120.91 at the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5k, exceeding our $20,000 fundraising goal.
This year, we are hoping to achieve or surpass our $20,000 fundraising goal for our 20th anniversary in community activism and advocacy for the East and Southeast Asian HIV and LGBTQ communities in Toronto. The funds raised will not only ensure that our East and Southeast Asian service users living with HIV/AIDS can continue to receive the much needed culturally and linguistically appropriate services they need, but will also allow us in creating an Asian PHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) Network in Ontario.
Please watch our Run4ACAS Tumblr Page at http://run4acas.tumblr.com for news and updates on the run.
If you would like to register to become a runner and raise money for ACAS, you can register as a runner at https://secure.eventsonline.ca/events/crs_scotia/ after which you can select from the pull down menu under the section “Scotiabank Charity Challenge” and select 1) I would like to Create a Fundraising Account, and 2) choose Asian Community AIDS Services as your designated charity. Please then proceed to create a username and password and keep them in a safe space for future reference. Under the section “Discounts, Gift Certificates & Pin Codes” please enter 14TSCC for the Preferred Charity Rates: $40.00 for 5k runner/walker; $50.00 for 5k runner/walker with baby stroller; $70.00 for Half Marathon runner (21k); $80.00 for Marathon runner (42k); and $25 for 5k runner/walker aged under 12. As an ACAS runner/walker, you are entitled to use this charity discount code as a way for us to thank you for being our runner/walker or fundraiser. Please make sure that you utilize the 14TSCC code when you register as ACAS will not be able to reimburse you after you have registered. The only exception is for the top 10 fundraisers whom ACAS will reimburse the amount of the registration to you after the race. Free Registration fee will be waived for first 3 PHAs to register with ACAS, and the top 10 fundraisers will have their entry fee refunded after the race. Also, there will be a prize for the top fundraiser, so start training and ask your network to sponsor you! The system will prompt you that after you create your fundraising account, please look for the TRANSFER button on your final registration confirmation screen and then You MUST CLICK ON THE TRANSFER button to proceed with creating a fundraising account or making a one time donation. After you have been transferred to the fundraising page, you can login to your fundraising account with the username and password you have created prior and personalize your page with your own message, photos and videos. You can also select to join one of the ACAS teams at the ACAS ScotiaRun 2014 Challenge.
ACAS currently has the following 5 teams which you can choose to join and fundraise for. All funds raised, regardless of the team, will go toward ACAS to benefit East and Southeast Asians living with HIV and the Support Program. You can elect to join one of the 5 ACAS teams by searching for the team names:

  1. The main ACAS team, Team ACAS (Team Captain: Christian Hui)
  2. Team Patrick Truoung (Team Captain: Andrew Miao)
  3. The Men’s program team, ACAS MANiacs (Team Captain: Ryan Tran)
  4. The Women’s Program’s team, Team Her-icane (Team Captain: Cassandra Dang Nguyen)
  5. Team CelebrAsian (Team Captains: Alan Li & Keith Wong)

Team ACAS as part of the main ACAS ScotiaRun 2014 Team! Remember, successful fundraisers tend to create personal messages and explain clearly why they are participating in the fundraising event, so feel free to speak from your heart!
If you are a PHA interested in running, please contact Andrew at support@acas.org as the first 3 PHA will be eligible for free registration. If you are a youth (age < 25), please contact Meza at youth@acas.org and let him know you are interested in registering and/or might need assistance with the registration cost.
Also, if you have not seen our ACAS ScotiaRun 2014 promo video “6 Styles To Run With ACAS at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, please check it out!http://youtu.be/qhjI4_aP4z0
ACAS Summer Fun!
Though it has been a relatively cool summer in Toronto, ACAS still hosted a range of fun-filled summmery activities for all to join!
Men’s Program’s Hanlan’s Point Picnic
Men's Program Hanlan's Picnic

About 25 ACAS Men’s Program participants gathered at Hanlan’s Point at the Toronto Islands on August 24 for a potluck picnic. Hanlan’s Point is one of Toronto’s clothing optional beaches and has historically been a favourite hang-out spot for many LGBTQ community members as to escape the summer heat. Thanks to our Men’s Program Coordinator Ryan Tran and Men’s Outreach Worker Ly along with the Men’s Program volunteers for organizing this event!
Asians Can Dance! – QAY Beginner Dance Workshops
QAY Asians can Dance Workshop

QAY hosted the Asians Can Dance! Workshop to show that moving to music and having fun is the way to go during the summer months! Thanks to our dance facilitators Tim Nguyen and Chuck Yachun Li, participants were introduced to hip hop basics as well as Para Para, a dance style which combines arms movements with simple stepping.
Queer Asian Youth (QAY) has been providing social spaces for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, curious, undecided, or questioning East and Southeast Asian youth and their friends since 2000. QAY: Queer Asian Youth, is an initiative of ACAS: Asian Community AIDS Services. Regular QAY Events include the famous Bubble Tea Lounge, Movie Nites, Games Nites. Events usually attract from 30 to 80 people, and there are always many new people who come for the first time!
If you want to, you can –
Visit us: http://www.qay.ca
Like our public Facebook page: www.facebook.com/acas.qay
Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/QueerAsianYouth
 Sex and Relationship in a Healthy Way
Chris and Cassandra's Stu-view Workshop
Having a summer fling J and K-Pop style? Our Locker Room Project Coordinator, Chris, and our new Women’s Outreach and Education Coordinator, Cassandra, hosted a “Healthy Relationship and Sexuality Workshop” for Korean and Japanese students. at Stu-view Overseas Service on August 15, 2014.
Support Program Health Promotion Workshop
treatement at ACAS website

Check out our HIV Treatment Information Website in Asian Languages for our latest Support Program health promotion workshop video on “Maintaining emotional and psychological wellness” which took place on July 25, 2014. http://treatment.acas.org/health-promotion-newsletter-and videos/?preview=true&preview_id=2005&preview_nonce=4c55dcef26 
(Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/bblj1z7GCOE?list=UUpp-mAb0D4p67xZGwQDzJgw)
Thank you Janssen, Gilead & ViiV Healthcare for making this workshop possible
Hello Parents! – QAY New’s New Multilingual Resources on Coming Out for Family Members
QAY Resource
ACAS is creating new multilingual resources on coming out for the family members of Asian LGBTQ youth. There’s going to be a focus group with East & Southeast Asian parents of LGBTQ to develop this resource. ACAS is looking for 8 parents to participate in a short discussion in September. Tokens and refreshment will be provided.
Interested? Contact Chuck Li, Resource Development Lead, at
ACAS at Hudson’s Bay Giving Day
HBC Giving
ACAS is part of The Hudson’s Bay Giving Day this year! Purchase this $5 ticket at ACAS and receive great discounts at Hudson’s Bay Queen Street on September 11! Contact Hannah at officeadmin@acas.org or (416) 963-4300 if you are interested in getting the promo card for a good cause!
See you at the ACAS AGM on September 17!