March with ACAS in the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25
Join the largest contingent for East & Southeast Asian queer & trans folks in the Pride Parade! Partners and allies are welcome. Bring your own water, bells, whistles, and noisemakers, but most of all, bring YOUR PROUD SELF!

Group Number: B13
Meet up point: Northeast corner of Isabella & Jarvis at the Rogers Sign Pillar,
Meet up time: 1:30pm-2:00pm (before moving to the parade starting line)

Group in front of us: Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention
Group behind us: The Home Depot Canada
*We are not having a float this year and only walking.

ACAS Toronto Pride

It will be crowded and it could get difficult to find us. We will have an ACAS sign on a pole. If you are late to meet us at our meet up point, then you can find us near the starting point along Bloor St and Church St and look for either B13 or the other groups we are situated in between.

You will NOT be able to join when the parade begins as the barricades will be back this year to block off people from entering along the route.

We are at a later time this year, so expect a longer wait at the starting point. When we walk along the parade, please continue to move and not leave large gaps as it holds up the whole parade. We cannot stop to take photos for too long as it creates large gaps.

We encourage you to bring your own water in a reusable bottle, however there will be water available along the route. We may bring limited water bottles to reduce waste.








If you cannot walk the whole route, get tired, or overheated, there are exit points along the route at:

  • Isabella St & Yonge
  • Wood St
  • St. Mary St.
  • Breadalbane St.
  • Elm St.

The ending point has changed. The route turns WEST on Dundas St and ends between Bay St and University Ave. This is different from previous years where we ended at Church St.