ACAS has launched its first ever #GoldenPiggy Challenge fundraiser as a lead up to this year’s Pride event. The money raised from the challenge will help ensure our ability to provide the much needed HIV practical support services and LGBTQ programming to the East and Southeast Asian Canadian community in the GTA.
5 Steps to Take Part in the ACAS Piggy Challenge! It’s easy and fun!
Step 1: Adopt Your Piggy
Come to ACAS and pick a piggy that you want to adopt. We have piggies in various colours you can choose from. Make sure you name the piggy and give it lots of TLC. Now you are ready to start the Piggy Challenge!
Step 2: Decorate Your Piggy
It’s spring time and your piggy likes to be fabulous. Why not be creative and decorate your piggy? Your fundraising effort is more likely to be successful if your piggy is strutting the styles that everybody loves. Having said that, we feel a naked piggy can also be very sexy.
Step 3: Feed Your Piggy
This is the most important part of your Piggy Challenge. Whether your piggy is at your home, your office, or some random party, they need to be fed. Ask your friends to feed them some coins. Toonies or bills are their favorite. Make sure you feed them enough so that they are full!
Step 4: Tweet Your Piggy
Your piggy is a bit of an exhibitionist and loves having its pictures taken. Whenever you take your piggy out for events or you are both relaxing at home, take some lovely photos and share them with as many people as you can! Tweet about it, Instagram it, Facebook it or send pictures to us. The hashtag is #GoldenPiggy

Step 5: Bring Your Piggy Back

Once your piggy is full, it’s time for you to bring the piggy back to ACAS even though they may weigh a ton. After you empty out your piggy, you can continue with the next round of the Piggy Challenge if you wish. When you have filled your piggy up enough times, you may request to keep your piggy after the last challenge. That way, you and your piggy can live happily ever after.