Hello ACAS members,

Please be advised that upon careful consideration, ACAS has decided to close the office as well as suspend all in-person services and program delivery until further notice.  The decision was made in order to support the health of our staff, participants, and communities.  Support program staff will offer services virtually, and in-person assistance only for crucial services.
You can still reach staff by phone or email.  If you wish to contact specific staff members by phone, you will find their names and extension numbers below.
ACAS 416-963-4300
Support (Men’s) – Alex 222
Support (Women’s) – Amutha 223
Admin – Mina 100
ED – Noulmook 227
Health Promo – Kenneth 231
Accountant 231
Men’s Ryan 235
Men’s – Greg 236
Men’s – Zack 254
QTAY/Youth – Gabriel 229
CHAMP – Trisha 232
Int’l Students – Kai 234
Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Take care of yourselves and others! Be well until we get to see you again next!