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November  29, 2022 Understanding Health Equity for Positive Asians

Clinical trends and holistic health care needs of Asians living with HIV: An HIV treatment/access point of view Dr. Tseng works as a specialist consultant at the Immunodeficiency Clinic, Toronto General Hospital and is an Associate Professor with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. She has published extensively on drug interactions and adverse reactions, and is a Chief Editor of a website/mobile app on HIV and hepatitis C pharmacology and drug interactions ( Dr. Tseng is a co-founder of the Ontario HIV Pharmacists Specialty Group and the Canadian HIV and Viral Hepatitis Pharmacists Network. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and is credentialed as an HIV Pharmacist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Dr. Tseng is a recipient of the Hall of Distinction Alumni Award (2020) from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, recognizing her significant achievements in the profession of pharmacy.

Anthony Mohamed is the Senior Specialist, Equity & Community Engagement, St. Michael’s Hospital, where he has been since 1995. On leave since 2015, he is an active leadership volunteer with many community initiatives including the Senior Pride Network, Myeloma Canada and a study on the relationship between HIV and Cancer. He has specialized skills in facilitation, mediation, policy development, project management, research, community partnerships and strategically applying an intersectional anti-oppression framework. His Masters of Environmental Studies (YorkU), specializing in “cross cultural community health promotion” emphasizes his commitment to equitable care for all. He also holds graduate level Certificates in Health Quality Improvement (Uof T), the Christian Scriptures (Harvard) and International Human Rights Law (UCLouvain).

January 18, 2023 Epidemiological trends of Poz Asians in Canada and the US: Gaps and Opportunity Cecilia Chung, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Evaluation at Transgender Law Center, is an internationally recognized leader who advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness and access to care, LGBT equality and equity, and human rights. Cecilia has been a vocal advocate for transgender women and people living with HIV. Currently, Cecilia is a member of the PCB NGO delegation at UNAIDS. Cecilia has served many roles in the HIV movement including, the Board of the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, being a founding producer of Trans March, she organized one of the world’s largest annual transgender events which has since been replicated in cities across the U.S. and s member of Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. In 2015, Cecilia launched Positively Trans, a national, constituents-led project that focus on policy advocacy and leadership development of transgender people living with HIV, especially transgender women of color.



Dr. Chum is the Canada Research Chair (tier 2) in Population Health Data Science at York University, and an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Drawing on the disciplines of social epidemiology, geospatial analytics, and machine learning, Antony’s research investigates the social and environmental determinants of health and evaluate policies to build healthier cities and communities, especially for marginalized groups such as the homeless, low-income, racialized, and LGBTQ2S+ people. His research approach combines population health data sciences, methods in causal inference, and the application of rigorous social theories (e.g. intersectionality, social ecological theory, minority stress theory, etc.) to evaluate interventions/policies aimed at eliminating health disparities.


February 9, 2023 Arts-based activism and research: More Than Fiction 1, 2, & 3

Meaningfully engaging Poz Asians to support the sharing of their experiences within a culturally-safe space Neel or Shaz sabeth is curious and excited about which direction their life is heading in. They love community and have been working in the hiv and AIDS sector for 10+ years. neel or Shaz is grateful to the OPA+ of which they are a member for requesting their participation in this event.

Justin Anantawan is a Toronto-based HIV activist, social worker, teacher, musician, and photographer of Chinese and Thai Descent. Justin frequently travels overseas for outreach work in the LGBTQ community and PLHA community. Most recently, he worked in The Gambia with Actionaid, creating a social media platform for sexual health information and working directly with MSMs to provide safe sex supplies and HIV testing. He also works regularly in Toronto with Asian Community AIDS Services. As a photographer, he contributes regularly to publications such as Where Love is Illegal, One Day in My World and National Geographic Yourshot.

March 7, 2023 Dangers of resiliency and Defining life through activism

Mind-body and immune functions in PLHIV Kerolos Saleib (they/them) is a non-binary, egyptian , queer, HIV positive , activist and former priest. They are the recipient of the Charles Roy Activsim in HIV/AIDS award 2022 at the inspire awards, recognized as one of the most influential faith leaders in changing the face of HIV/AIDS in the US by the white house, where his story and legacy can now be found at the archives at the Martin Luther King Jr library in DC, alongside the great MLK himself. They are also the founder of the RAHA program at ASAAP, a program that focuses on middle easterners living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS. They are also the founder and creator of Canada’s most popular middle eastern queer event Middle Eastern Nights. They currently are now working in the international humanitarian aid and development sector, working to mobilize Canadians on topics such as prevention of Sexyal abuse and exploitation, anti-racim, policy change and research, sustainable development and humanitarian relief and aid globally. They currently live in London, ON with his best friend and dog Luka!

Devan Nambiar, MSc. has worked in the healthcare sector for over 25 years. He manages his own consultancy GHIS.CA and provides cultural and clinical training on the 2SLGBTQ+ population, HIV care and treatment, integrative health, and trauma-informed practice. In 2022, Devan launched, a free dating site for people living with HIV. He works full-time as the Manager of Capacity Building & Talent Development at Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance. Previously Devan was the Program Manager & Training Specialist at Rainbow Health Ontario on 2SLGBTQI+ health. Before that, he worked at CATIE for 12 years as HIV Treatment and Clinical Trials Educator. Devan has contributed to various publications and media on queer identities, HIV, MPX, and social justice.

Devan has been living with HIV for 34 years. He currently serves on five committees. They are the Community Advisory Committee at CIHR, CTN; Patient Advisory Committee at CADTH; Co-Chair of the CHESS study on COVID vaccine effectiveness for PLHIV; The Ontario Caregivers Organization; and Missing and Missed Implementation at Toronto Police Service. Devan received leadership awards at Ontario AIDS Network (2002) and the Canadian AIDS Society (2006).


ACAS and OPA+ would like to invite you to participate in Positive Asian Diasporic Experiences in North America

(PADENA) Virtual Forum

Newcomers from Asia made up 63% of immigrant settlers to Canada between 2017 to 2019 and are the fastest-growing group amongst all racialized groups in the U.S.(1-3). According to the 2019 Surveillance Report by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Asians living with HIV (East, Southeast, South, West Asians, Middle Eastern, and Arabs) made up 9.9% of all Canadians living with HIV, exceeding the number of Latinx living with HIV (4).

In the U.S., the care and retention rates for Positive Asian Americans (59% and 47%) lagged the national average (64% and 49%) (5). While similar trends are expected for Canada, race-based data for prevention, treatment and care cascade are primarily unknown as PHAC has not published it.

To facilitate our understanding of these trends, we aim to discuss how the current HIV/AIDS response in Canada and the U.S. is leaving Positive Asians behind—at the same time, how we can increase the visibility of Positive Asians and improve long-term holistic health and well-being through enhancing linkage to care.

We aim to achieve this using a four-part virtual forum to engage in deliberate dialogues intended to lead to concrete solutions to support the health and well-being of Positive Asians. A four-part virtual forum will be held between November 2022 and March 2023. Each session is 90 minutes long with 40 participants and will be opened with a peer or subject expert presentation to set the discussion topic. See the below table for details.

We are looking for participants who are:

1. Asian (East, Southeast, South, Middle Eastern/West Asians, and Indo-Caribbeans living in Canada and the U.S.) and currently receiving service from or working in the HIV/AIDS sector.

2. Stakeholders linking Positive Asians to Care

3. Community or industry partners

4. Research and policy community