Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) is a global grassroots campaign that spreads the important message that sexual transmission of HIV cannot occur when people living with HIV are on effective treatment with suppressed/undetectable viral loads.

ACAS was one of the first of Toronto’s ethno-specific AIDS service organizations to sign on to the U=U Consensus Statement on “RISK OF SEXUAL TRANSMISSION OF HIV FROM A PERSON LIVING WITH HIV WHO HAS AN UNDETECTABLE VIRAL LOAD”. On World IDS Day 2017, ACAS held a community forum with U=U Founder Bruce Richman to disseminate the science to Toronto’s East and Southeast Asian community.

Felt by many as a game changer, we now know definitively that U=U prevents the spread of HIV through utilizing treatment as prevention (TasP). U=U has helped people living with HIV to adhere better to their anti-retroviral regimen, become more engaged in one’s health and to visit doctors regularly for check-up, alleviate the fear of spreading HIV during sex, and has opened up options for poz folks who are considering concept and parenthood.

While there are many facets of U=U we should celebrate, we at ACAS believe that we must also address the third U, “Unequal”, which describes the inequities which exist within the HIV response.  As the leading agency serving East and Southeast Canadians from a wide intersection of life, we will continue to engage our community in meaningful conversations, discussions plans to better integrate U=U into our work.

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