Are you an international student from East/Southeast Asia who also is gay or bisexual?

We would like to hear from you!

Over the last few years, while serving the East and Southeast Asian community here in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, we noticed an increasing trend of international students accessing our HIV support services at ACAS. While we are glad that we can continue to be a leader in in supporting this community, we found that there were a lack of resources and gaps in knowledge for how we can best serve this community.

As such, ACAS is currently undergoing a needs assessment to better understand the experiences of East and Southeast international students studying in Toronto and their needs with respect to HIV prevention. As part of this project, we are currently running an online survey and we would like to hear from you!  Your answers will be very important to us to identify any challenges international students may face, if there are any unmet needs, and how to improve existing services at ACAS and across Toronto to better support international students.

What is this study about?

Through this project, we hope to:

  • Learn about your experiences settling into Toronto as a gay/bisexual international student;
  • Identify any unique challenges that you have faced while studying in Toronto;
  • Learn about what resources you have accessed and have found helpful;
  • Identify how we can better support international students while they are studying here in Toronto

To participate, you must be:

  • An international student from an East or Southeast Asian country, studying in Toronto (currently or within the last five years);
  • A man who is gay, bisexual or attracted to other men;
  • 18 years of age or older.

What will participating in this study involve?

  • Completing an online, anonymous survey asking you about your experiences;
  • The survey will take approximately 30 minutes;
  • No personal information will be collected that can be linked to your answers (At the end, your email will be collected separately from your survey responses, in order for us to send your gift card!).

What will you get for participating?

  • A $20 gift card (e.g. Amazon, Starbucks, Loblaws, Uber Eats, Shoppers Drug Mart) will be emailed to you for your participation
  • An opportunity to share your experience in a safe and confidential way.


If you believe that you qualify for this study, please fill out our survey!

The English version of the survey can be found here:

The Chinese (simplified) version of the survey can be found here:

The Vietnamese version of the survey can be found here:

We hope this survey to help you pass the time while practicing physical distancing and staying at home!



Any queries and participation in the study will remain completely confidential.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:


Kai Wong (Needs Assessment Coordinator) / 416-963-4300 x 234