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Advances in PrEP & PrEP Access at the Maple Leaf PrEP Clinic
led by Andy Mok, RN

Monday August 24, 7:30pm – 9:00pm EST

Wondering if PrEP is right for you? Have questions or concerns about how to access PrEP in Toronto? Not sure if you can afford PrEP on a monthly basis or if your insurance covers PrEP? Come join this session to learn how the Maple Leaf PrEP Clinic can support your PrEP needs. Participants will learn about the difference between daily PrEP vs. “On-Demand” PrEP, in addition to exploring different avenues on accessing PrEP regardless of your visa status and/or financial situation.

Photo of Andy MokAbout the Facilitator: Andy has been working as a community and primary health nurse for the past two years. As an Asian gay man, he is committed to making a positive impact in the Canadian healthcare system by advocating for equitable rights and fair treatment of marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ+ and people living with mental illness and/or HIV/AIDS. Working in the community setting, Andy proactively raises public awareness of the negative impact of stigmas on the health of affected individuals and communities. He engages in stigma reduction training with the goal of becoming a nursing leader and champion to address social stigma and health inequities.

Admission is free. Registration required at: www.surveymonkey.com/r/slam2020This event is for East and Southeast Asian gay, bi, queer cisgender and transgender men living in and near Ontario, Canada.

The SLAM! Forum (Sex Love Asian Men!) is an interactive learning forum on sex, health, relationships, and lifestyle for self-identified for cis & trans gay, bi, queer East and Southeast Asian men.

For the SLAM Forum: Hindsight 2020, we will share, learn, and connect together in our experiences through multiple online sessions held throughout the weekend of August 21-24. For your convenience, you can attend as many sessions as you’d like. To protect the safety and confidentiality of our community, the sessions will not be recorded.

An electronic giftcard will be given to each attendee after they complete the session’s evaluation.

This event is funded by ViiV Healthcare

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