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🌈 LINK TO REGISTER: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iiPcZS6qGOLAFutXukb0JybCxsuAnGVJEdvFMwxAG-s/viewform 🖍️

💙 When: Saturday, January 28th
💚 Time: 4-6pm EST
💜 Location: Online (Zoom)

Embark with WYR Peer Educator Winsome on a journey to ENVISION 2023 together! 🤩 Let’s materialize our excitement for the new year of 2023 by making vision collages together!

Vision collaging (also known more commonly as Vision-boarding) is a fun and tangible way to set intentions for yourself, your goals, and values for any pursuit or timeframe! 🕐

You’re invited to create alongside or to simply enjoy the chill vibes, as Winsome conjures up her own visions for 2023! A follow-up list of suggested supplies and accessible options will be sent to you, with more details to come! ✨
Folks are welcome to join this virtual QTAY Zoom workshop for Vision Collaging on Saturday, January 28th from 4-6pm EST.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more information, please email Dany at youth@acas.org.
See you soon~!

[Image Description: Both images have text describing the event above. The first image background is a colourful paper collage with sticker elements like firecrackers, flowers, and stationary. The second image depicts Winsome as a turquoise Animal Crossing cat character with a speech bubble over a simpler cool toned collage.]
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