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Meno-Pause Right There!: A Workshop on the Ins and Outs of Menopause
led by Anda Li

August 13, 6:00pm – 8pm (Register by Tuesday, August 11th)
TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/nCtGuBMXtR5ATRm1A

What is menopause? What happens during menopause? How can I prepare for its coming? What happens after menopause? If you don’t know the answer to at least one of these questions, this workshop is for you! Taking care of a changing body isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either. Learn all about how to best prepare for menopause as early as your mid-twenties.

Please join us for this year’s Pillow Talk: From Isolation to Intimacy, an online forum about sexuality, intimacy, & relationships by and for Asian ciswomen, transwomen, and nonbinary folks, hosted by ACAS. Please register soon to ensure that you get a spot in our workshops!

Who can participate?

  • Asian women, Asian transgender women, & Asian non-binary folks
  • 18 years and up
  • East Asian and Southeast Asian background

We acknowledge that there is unfortunate wording used in this post for legal / funding reasons. Transwomen are women, and anyone who says otherwise is scum.

[Image Description: A femme-presenting figure lays on a pillow on the right side of the image, obsuring most of their face with a book while looking at the audience. There is another book on the left side of the image. On the pillows and blanket that comes up from the bottom of the photo include all the text above. The image has tones of purple, pink, and white all over it.]

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