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Did people ever assume that you were good at math just because you were Asian? Were you expected to be soft-spoken and quiet, or loud and assertive because of your gender? Are you interested in unpacking how race and gender interact to shape our experiences in the world? In this workshop, we will be discussing the racist stereotypes that affected us growing up, the gender expectations that were (and are!) placed upon us, and how we can live loud and proud in a world that wants to make us feel invisible.

About Pillow Talk:
Pillow Talk is a forum hosted by ACAS that aims to draw lessons learned about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships from the real-life experiences of Asian ciswomen, transwomen, and non-binary folks.  This year, ACAS is proud to host Pillow Talk 2021: Sorting Through the Fluff, sponsored by Viiv Healthcare!  Thank you to ViiV for supporting us and helping us create a safer space to discuss our experiences around intimacy and relationships to both our own and other people’s bodies.

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