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👉 When: Saturday, 19 November 2022
👉 Exhibit Viewing: 5 – 6pm EST at Artspace Gallery (401 Richmond St. W, Suite LL106)
👉 Virtual Artist Talk & Dinner: 7 – 8pm EST at the ACAS office (260 Spadina Ave., #410)

REGISTER AT: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfS7MnZgvmZXyMjpqUdnQSZiaRmYDagzmuIwDd8Dn94Js-m1Q/viewform

Queer Asian Artist Beau Gomez has invited members of ACAS’s QTAY/Youth Program and Men’s Program to view their exhibit at Artspace Gallery, and has kindly agreed to an artist talk after!

El Angel presents close corners and encounters in a piercing and introspective display. Throughout the exhibition, storytelling is embodied through an array of audio, and still and moving imagery. This work unveils the nuances of Asian queerness at a crossroads with upbringing, kinship, desire, and disclosure. It examines the possibilities of conversation and dialogue, and the personal and public normativities that shape even our most intimate revelations. With the artist as documenter and his subjects as collaborators, the stories woven throughout El Angel reveal their lived realities: all of it as freeing, restrained, celebratory and painful as they come.

Participants should be able to arrive at the Artspace Gallery (401 Richmond St. W, Suite LL106) anytime between 5-6pm on Saturday, November 19th. After 6pm, we will walk as a group (10 minute walk) to the ACAS Office (260 Spadina Ave., #410). While some food and drinks will be provided, this will also be an opportunity for folks to grab dinner before we call Beau on Zoom at 7pm to hear him speak more on his work.

Masks and social distancing will be mandatory, and this is (as much as possible) a scent-free space. This will be a sober event for the safety of everyone, including folks who may be triggered by the presence of substances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dany at youth@acas.org.
See you soon~!

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