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Dear ACAS support program clients and caregivers,

You are cordially invited to the upcoming workshop by Ms. Eva sin.

Eva Sin is a Spiritual Psychotherapist in private practice. Former staff in Toronto Public Health in Sexual health and Women support coordinator at ACAS. As someone who is deepening her own spiritual journey, her approach focuses on tuning into our bodies, using mindfulness, trauma-informed parts work to reclaim disowned parts of ourselves, and emotional focused techniques to explore the possibilities of All of who we are. As we all come with a spectrum of identities and social locations that influence our lived reality it is essential in the work to honour the impact of multiple intersectionality such as race/class/gender identity and expression/sexual orientation/disability and unpacking how they intertwine with your interaction in this world and meaningfully exploring your life choices in achieving the best version of your beautifully complex Self!

Workshop: The Power lies in Me!

An experiential workshop to connect to the most important relationship in our life–Our Self! We will learn exercises to connect and strengthen the body/mind/spirit to become fuller versions of ourselves. When we can be in, be with, and accept the whole of who we are, we are limitless in our Power.
Eva Sin, RP
Decolonize Your Spirit to retrieve the Essence of Your Light

The workshop is held on Tuesday April 04 at Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant at 280 Spadina Ave, top floor. Reception will be at 6:30 p.m. and presentation starts at 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

When you register, please propose one question you have in mind to ask the presenter and it will be anonymous to create a more meaningful interactive worksho during the time we spend together.

RSVP no later to Jun Liu womensupport@acas.org no later by Sunday April 02, 2023


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