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PRIDE Thank yous!

//PRIDE Thank yous!

After a successful Pride Parade, we wanted to show some extra love for all the hard work that paid off with a beautiful ACAS float!!! A lot of time and work can go unnoticed, but this float would have not been possible without the many many volunteers involved! 😍 It was all the help from volunteers that made this float feel like a fun party 🥳

The many and most devoted hours, evenings, and weekends spent for designing, planning, woodworking, and technical building of the railing structure. THANK YOU to Thompson, Koji, Ben, Agnes for all that hard handywork

We had several volunteers come in everyday to give over 300 pink paper lanterns some extra love with a personal touch!! It really showed the love and support our LGBTQ Asian community has for each other. Each lantern was like a personal love letter to the community. 🏮

And then there were those who helped on the day of the parade starting from 6:30am to build the railing or those that came to help setup onwards. Everyone had a part that made set up AND take down go quickly and smoothly. It wouldn’t have been easy to do without everyone’s help! Thank you to such generous people who also bought iced coffees and food to share for everyone on the float. So thoughtful! We were probably the best fed float! 🥪🍲🍕

Thank you Jess for taking the whole day to help out wherever you could, including set up/take down, preparing the music, managing the sound equipment, and running on-board logistics throughout the day.

Special thank you to drivers (Mr. Tran, Koji, Kyle, and David) for driving back and forth across the city to pick up and return heavy sound system equipment, an electric generator, and wood. And our very own Abrams truck driver who went the extra mile by offering helpful setup input and helped with take down as well.

Special thank you to Makeshift Collective – Toronto for lending us their carpentry studio, equipment and storage for all the wood.


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