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Services for International Students and People on Work Permits

Whether you are here as a student or just on a work visa, ACAS welcomes you! ACAS is an opportunity to meet new friends and make connections to the Asian LGBTQ+ community here in Toronto, as well as pick up skills and education if that interests you! For general inquires please contact to see how we can connect best.

Some activities we offer

For gay, bi-sexual, questioning, curious men and trans men – Learn English slang and popular words with native speakers in a safe and fun environment. Use them on your first date in Canada, online dating apps, and dance parties! We invite you to email for more information or to take part.

Life in Canada may be a lot different then what you are used to, learn about consent, safer sex and effective communication skills to help you navigate the world of dating and sex. Check out our Men’s Program page for more information about the opportunities we offer for self-identified Asian men to get together.

We can help you navigate through the Canadian healthcare system including HIV treatment access, health insurance and medication. Get in touch with our Support Program for more information and to do a one on one intake where we can answer your questions!

Learn more about how ACAS can assist you with finding out your HIV status on our Testing page. If you have questions about Sexually Transmitted Infections please call in and we can help answer your questions!