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Your Friday nights at home just got a little better! Looking to meet new friends during the pandemic?
This is a monthly online games night for Asian gay, bi, queer, cis and trans guys.

We’ll start with introductions and then play a fun game. We’ll be making our own new years fireworks with this month’s game called Hanabi. Hanabi is a cooperative game, meaning all players play together as a team. The players have to play the fireworks cards sorted by colors and numbers. However, players cannot see their own cards, but give hints to their fellow players.

Feel free to drop in and out between 8pm – 9:30pm EST
To receive the Zoom link, register by clicking here

How to play: Hanabi
Each player will have 5 cards in their hand. Players will not see what cards they have in their hands but they can see what cards other players have. There are five sets of colours (blue, red, green, yellow, white) that are numbered from 1 to 5. Working together, the players must collectively form these five sets of colours in numerical order (1 to 5) only by giving each other hints and playing cards.

On a player’s turn, they must perform exactly one of the following:

  • I. Give a hint or
  • II. Discard a card or
  • III. Play a card.

The player has to choose an action. A player may not pass.
Important: Players are not allowed to give hints or suggestions on other players’ turns.

You can view more detailed rules here: