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Don’t Sleep on My Identity: A Discussion on Interactions with Intersectional Identities and Intimacy
led by Dany Ko

August 18, 6:00pm – 8pm (Register by Sunday, August 16th)
TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/nCtGuBMXtR5ATRm1A

What does it mean to be at the intersection of a multitude of identities, especially in intimate situations? How does being Asian influence how you interact with other people and yourself? Come talk it out, share your stories, and empathize with others as we work through collective (yet different) experiences of identity and intimacy.

Please join us for this year’s Pillow Talk: From Isolation to Intimacy, an online forum about sexuality, intimacy, & relationships by and for Asian ciswomen, transwomen, and nonbinary folks, hosted by ACAS. Please register soon to ensure that you get a spot in our workshops!

Who can participate?

  • Asian women, Asian transgender women, & Asian non-binary folks
  • 18 years and up
  • East Asian and Southeast Asian background

We acknowledge that there is unfortunate wording used in this post for legal / funding reasons. Transwomen are women, and anyone who says otherwise is scum.

[Image Description: Two femme-presenting figures lay on the right and left sides of a pillow. They are facing each other and it seems like one is talking and the other is listening. There are a few pillows between them. On the pillows and blanket that comes up from the bottom of the photo include all the text above. The image has tones of purple, pink, and white all over it.]

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