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Curious about exploring pleasure? Need a refresher on STIs and HIV/AIDS? Time to wrap it up, because our facilitators will take you through an informative and interactive session. Tasneem will introduce STI risks and cover some safer practices. Ayser will inform you about tools for your pleasure and ways to cover your bases. Now let’s tie up those ties and get sexually wise!

About Pillow Talk:
Pillow Talk is a forum hosted by ACAS that aims to draw lessons learned about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships from the real-life experiences of Asian ciswomen, transwomen, and non-binary folks.  This year, ACAS is proud to host Pillow Talk 2021: Sorting Through the Fluff, sponsored by Viiv Healthcare!  Thank you to ViiV for supporting us and helping us create a safer space to discuss our experiences around intimacy and relationships to both our own and other people’s bodies.

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