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Photovoice Project – LOOK Exhibition

//Photovoice Project – LOOK Exhibition

LOOK Exhibition is proud to be showing at the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) ( in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ACAS would like to thank IAS for their support and chance to share this exhibition again!

Find the LOOK Exhibition in the Global Village Atrium first floor July 22-26, 2018.


The Photovoice Project empowered a group of East and Southeast Asian PHAs (Persons Living with HIV/AIDS) in Toronto with workshops and training over the course of several months to explore their experiences through photos; To capture their truths and realities of life, hope and living with HIV.


We partnered with Taiwan’s Lourdes Association, as HIV knows no borders -why should we? Would their stories be any different than ours? Are we all that different or the same? (Taiwain’s Lourdes Association ( –a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting those with and affected by HIV in Taiwan.)

On the Taiwan side, with a focus on PLWA’s engagement, the expanded “vision” of the exhibition invited affected family and partners, NGO workers and healthcare providers to ensure a panoramic vision.

We invite you to visit and open yourself to the still very real, important and continuing issue of HIV. HIV still matters. This exhibition is culmation of all the hardwork of all those involved and is aptly titled LOOK. Let us not forget nor stop paying attention -so look!

Generous funding has been provided by the MAC AIDS foundation (

For photos from the 2016 exhibition in Toronto and Taiwan see our Facebook album!


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