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This event is for Asian gay, bi, queer, cis and trans men.

Wednesday, October 28
7:00pm – 8:30pm

Register by emailing Ryan at men@acas.org for the Zoom link

At the beginning of 2020, we asked gay, bi, queer Asian men in Toronto to fill out an online survey to capture a brief look into the sexual health of our community. 158 people responded. For this Humpday, we are going to dive deep into the results and find out the juicy answers to these questions:

  • How much condomless sex are gay Asian guys having?
  • What was the average amount of sexual partners they had in 2019?
  • How many guys caught an STI?
  • Are Asian guys on PrEP?
  • Do guys get tested often enough?

After revealing all the bare facts you’ll get an opportunity to share how this relates to you. What does this mean for you and your sexual health? How do you take care of yourself and is everyone else taking the same precautions?

As a small community survey, the data here is not fully representative of the whole community, but should be understood as a small look into some of the sexual health experiences queer Asian men face. As a short-term survey, gathering data from within a month, we were not able to reach men with more diverse ethnic backgrounds that would have been more reflective of the queer Asian community.